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The JT Walk

Taking strides toward a cure for ALS.

Shortly after the Virginia Gentlemen Foundation was established in 2007, member Chris Thompson learned that his brother, Josh, had ALS. Quickly shifting its focus to support Josh and others with ALS, the Virginia Gentlemen partnered with the ALS Association in the local Walk to Defeat in 2008. The JT Walk was formed as a team within the ALS Walk to Defeat, and the Hampton Roads community rallied behind Josh and the Virginia Gentlemen. With over 5,000 people in attendance and more than $1 million raised, it was the National ALS Foundation’s largest single-day walk and fundraiser! In 2009 the Virginia Gentlemen repeated the effort, this time with two goals in mind. First, to donate more funds to the local ALSA chapter. And second, to build the first-ever, fully handicap-accessible beach park and playground in the nation – JT’s Grommet Island Beach Park & Playground for Every”BODY”. Over 9,000 people attended and $2 million was raised to build the park, donate to the ALSA local chapter, and award research grants to help find a cure for ALS. Every year, the JT Walk continues to bring the Hampton Roads community together in unprecedented ways for a great cause.

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