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The CHKD Pediatric Intensive Unit

In 2011, the J.T. Walk & Beach Party, an annual event sponsored by the Virginia Gentlemen, donated a mobile intensive care unit to CHKD. The CHKD-based transport team on deck of the Mobile PICU consists of a specially trained intensive care registered nurse, paramedic and respiratory therapist, all qualified in both neonatal (newborn) and pediatric care. Because the transport team often starts the treatments that would normally start once the child is in CHKD – either at the referring facility or during transport to CHKD – the child reaps the benefit. The transport team has a wealth of information and resources at its disposal. The same quality of equipment that is found within the hospital also travels with the transport team to the patient, thereby always providing child-specific equipment and supplies during transport. We’re proud to have helped facilitate support for our community’s children.

Click here to learn more about CHKD Mobile PICU

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