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Since its inception in 2007, The Virginia Gentlemen Foundation has been able to achieve some amazing goals. From the construction of the first-ever, fully handicap-accessible beach park and playground in the nation, to their most recent project, JT’s Camp Grom, the Virginia Gentlemen Foundation will continue to address and accomplish innovative ideas for the development and benefit of our community.

The Virginia Gentleman Foundation is focused on two key areas of impact: Funding ALS research and developing community assets that increase accessibility for people with disabilities. 


Funding ALS Research 

Shortly after the Virginia Gentlemen Foundation was established in 2007, member Chris Thompson learned that his brother, Josh, had ALS. Quickly shifting its focus to support Josh and others with ALS, the Virginia Gentlemen partnered with the ALS Association in the local Walk to Defeat in 2008.

VGF continues to fund research to defeat ALS through JT Walk Weekend and other efforts! 


Increased Accessibility Through Community Assets 

People with disabilities face many barriers in their everyday lives. 

Virginia Gentleman Foundation works to ensure people with disabilities are able to engage in the community on an equal basis. VGF raises funds and build assets for this purpose, including wheelchair ramps, accessible playgrounds, and more.


VGF also provides education about accessibility issues so members of our community can better understand how they can help make things easier for those who have difficulty moving around independently.

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VGF Impact In The Community! 

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